Lindos, listed as a historic settlement by the Ministry of Culture, is 48km from Rhodes town. The village features numerous churches, including a well preserved mosaic floor, dating from the 5th century.
Lindos is the most photographed village in the whole of Greece. With its ancient white washed houses clinging to the hillside and the narrow cobbled streets impassable by cars, Lindos has retained much of its character over thousands of years. Overlooked by the magnificent Acropolis, perched high on the hilltop, it146s a very popular destination for both holiday makers and day-trippers, who visit the village to shop in the market. When it comes to giving visitors what they want- there are a plethora of shops, bars, tavernas, restaurants and even a handful of night clubs for those who like to party into the early hours.
The village is traffic free (apart from the donkeys that take tourists up to the Acropolis!) as the streets are very narrow.